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1. Read our FAQs to learn more about our services before making your purchase.
2. If you are interested in Certificate & Provisioning for iOS App Signer, please read the requirements here.
3. If you are interested in iPwnStore capable Certificate & Provisioning files please read the following information.
4. If you are interested in registering your Apple Watch, please read the instructions here.
5. Next, carefully read our Terms and Conditions.
6. Before proceeding with your order, find your iDevice’s UDID.

* This is not a subscription package. Each package is a one time payment per iDevice for an entire year.
** If you are interested in registering your Apple TV, please read the instructions here. Do not purchase a package for your Apple TV below or you will not be able to download your Certificate and Provisioning files.

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  • UDID RegistrationUDID Registration
  • Instant ProcessingInstant Processing
  • Certificate & ProvisioningCertificate & Provisioning
  • Premium MembershipPremium Membership
  • Device ReplacementDevice Replacement
  • iPwnStore Capable (Separate Subscription)iPwnStore Capable (Separate Subscription)
  • bronze plus

  • $6.99

    per device

  • UDID Registrationyes
  • Instant Processingno
  • Certificate & Provisioningyes
  • Premium Membershipno
  • Device Replacementno
  • iPwnStore Capable (Separate Subscription)yes
  • silver

  • $8.99

    per device

  • UDID Registrationyes
  • Instant Processingyes
  • Certificate & Provisioningno
  • Premium Membershipyes
  • Device Replacementyes
  • iPwnStore Capable (Separate Subscription)no
  • gold

  • $11.99

    per device

  • UDID Registrationyes
  • Instant Processingyes
  • Certificate & Provisioningyes
  • Premium Membershipyes
  • Device Replacementyes
  • iPwnStore Capable (Separate Subscription)yes

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UDID Registration

To be authorized to test out the iOS 10.2 beta firmwares on the developer cycle, your iDevice’s UDID must be registered with a developer. Fortunately, by joining our development team, your iDevice gains the ability to upgrade to iOS betas. Our site uses an automatic order processing system which ensures your membership will be processed quickly! To learn more about UDID Registration, visit our FAQs.

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Certificate & Provisioning

Certificate & Provisioning allows you to to expand what you can do on your iDevice without having to jailbreak! Using iOS App Signer, iPwnStore, or Xcode you can develop, sign, and distribute your own applications in a secure manner. Our service is ideal because it allows you to start developing applications without high upfront costs. Additionally, our service allows you to keep these applications installed for longer periods of time. For more information about Certificate & Provisioning, please read our FAQs.

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In addition to credit cards and PayPal, we accept Bitcoin. This is a completely anonymous and secure way to purchase your membership with us. As such, we do not require any frivolous personal information for this payment option. For more information about Bitcoin, visit their website.

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